Merlin fanfic possessive arthur

I remember that it was after the battle of Camlann and Arthur had survived, or it had never occurred in the first place. For a reason that I have now forgotten, Merlin had turned himself invisible, but Arthur did know he was around.

At one point Arthur and Merlin live in a hut, Arthur not wanting to be king anymore. Throughout the book, Arthur keeps begging Merlin to turn visible, but he doesn't, except when he is appearing as his younger self or as Dragoon he isn't immortal and is aging just like everyone else.

It was a really lovely read, and I would love to read it again.

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I've been searching for a while now, to no avail. Any help finding this fic would be greatly appreciated! While trying to escape, he accidently kills someone. He sees Leon there with part of the Police force, but Leon apparently doesn't recongnize him. He manages to transport himself back to his home. The next day he and his regular friends the Knights - who have no idea he has magic - meet up at school not sure if HS or Uniand everyone is discussing it.

Not sure if it is a Merther or not. I have a feeling that this is an incomplete story, because I only remember the first couple of chapters. Not sure if it is FF. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Hi, searching for a fic I lost a while ago. I don't remember a whole lot since it was a while ago I read it. But Uther found out about them and threw Merlin in the dungeons I think during heat?

Merthur - Crazy Possessive

And Arthur kept trying to get to him when uther kept the guards on watch around the cell? And eventually Arthur did get to Merlin and they bonded. That's pretty much all I remember. Mpreg is fine, I have not problem with that. Not sure if it was mpreg or not to be honest. I vaguely remember this ff, and that it was such a good read!

Throughout the book, Arthur keeps begging Merlin to turn visible, but he doesn't, except when he is appearing as his younger self or as Dragoon he isn't immortal and is aging just like everyone else At the end, Merlin reveals himself, when Arthur has him pinned on the ground. You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults.It's a Modern AU, and Arthur is a programmer. And I think Merlin is an artist? Merlin and Arthur meet online, I'm pretty sure through a chat room.

There is one scene in the fic that I remember: Merlin leaves his Skype on accidentally, and Arthur sees what Merlin does after he signs out. Thanks anon1, glad you like this blog. As for Merlin with a hidden past fics, my mind is currently blank.

Here are also some Prince Merlin fics on FF. Everyone expected Prince Arthur to be an Alpha, but he turned out to be just a Beta.

Thanks, anon! Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you know of any fic where Merlin gets a really serious disease or illness - preferably something to do with being out in snow or ice, but it doesn't have to be - and Arthur gradually getting more an more worried? Sorry it's kinda specific, I have no idea why I'm craving this in particular. The Comfort of WarmthThe Thaw.

Here are others where Merlin has a medical condition or gets injured or sick due to other reasons:. I was wondering if you knew of any preferably canon-era fics in which Merlin is found to be a royal or a noble? I've found these are my weakness but can't seem to find any Full lists below:. Keep reading. But once a year he awakes and spends a single day with Merlin, who will never, ever leave him.

This is phoenixacid 's Merlin rec tumblr.

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Do check out the " list of tags " and the " themes and kinks " page for a comprehensive list of all themes. Merlin Recs. Tags: askbox. August 23, Tags: merlin recs merthur recs genre: angst genre: romance genre: smut genre: humour length: 30 to 40k genre: canon au contains: magic reveal contains: omegaverse contains: rescue contains: rimming contains: fisting contains: blowjobs rating: NC17 contains: fingering author: kathkin.

July 31, Tags: merthur recs merthur merlin recs author: malu3 pairing: merlinarthur genre: au genre: romance length: 10 to 20k rating: pg13 contains: childhood contains: food contains: age difference contains: tutoring contains: homophobia contains: chef! July 27, July 26, July 14, Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google.

Previous Share Flag Next. Thanks to memoryfloodsin for compiling the initial list. Merlin pins Arthur down and brings him off with magic. Preferably just magic. BDSM; dominant! Merlin One. Hijinks ensue. Non-con where Merlin has been made Arthur's slave rather than his servant. Arthur One. Erotic asphyxiation and bound wrists. Bonus: using Merlin's neckerchief! Possessiveness and marking, no particular preference for which of them wants to mark their territory, though it might be interesting if it were Merlin.

Vampires, and not the sparkly shiny Twilight ones either. Bonus points if you can work "Don't ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless" in somewhere. Arthur likes watching Merlin clean his sword.

REAL sword, not a euphemism. Kink basically. Possessive Arthur where Merlin belongs to him and no one else.

Fic: Jealous Arthur

Oh and if you make it dark and hot you get cookies! Where Merlin fucks with Arthur's mind so much. His smell, the way he looks, the way he is, that Arthur's going crazy and has to sate himself somehow. Merlin wearing Arthur's coat. Being chivalrly offered in a moment of great cold, or wearing it and nothing else? Arthur and Morgana make a bet about Arthur getting Merlin to sleep with him after a week.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Arthur hates Merlin's new gym routine because it means less time to spend together. Besides, Arthur loves Merlin's body just the way it is. Why mess up perfection? With Molly gone, after giving birth to Ron, Arthur Weasley is left to look after his sons.

With his youngest Ron, it's something more. Harry has come over for the remainder of the summer and tries to get Ron to experiment a little. But they end up getting caught by Arthur and Harry ends up with more than he expected. Arthur is fine in his relationship with Cenred. Until he meets Merlin, who is in a relationship with Will. Disclaimer: I make no profit from this endeavor.

The characters belong to BBC and Shine, along with legend.

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Merlin has been head over heels for his boss, a man he's never actually spoken to. But when their first meeting goes worse than even the most mortifying nightmares he could have dreamt of- courtesy of Merlin's snark and Arthur's pomposity- the only way to avoid losing his job is to be involved in the publishing of a Gay Romance Novel. But being "involved" turned out to be a much vaguer term than Merlin would have liked. If Merlin hears the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for," one more time- he's going to scream.

Wherein Gwaine's good intentions lead him astray, Merlin is far less innocent and far more artful than he appears, and Arthur can resist everything but temptation. After his attack on the Pendragon Inc.

Maybe he shouldn't have taken the job after all Merlin wants to see the concert of his favorite band - again, and Arthur didn't think he enjoyed the last time that much, what with Merlin ogling at all the hot members of the boyband.

He tries to say no, but Merlin's got something up his sleeves or breeches that could turn Arthur's decision around. Would he use it? Only to be cured by a lot of coming, thankfully he and his magic seem to approve of his knights and his prince and they are quite pleased to help him out.

Arthur is in the room when he thinks Merlin has died and instead of Gwen kissing Merlin, Arthur does. With Molly gone after giving birth to Ron, Arthur Weasley is left to look after his sons.I really love canon-era magic reveal fics but this list has a decent variety. I think it does, anyway. Arthur finds himself struggling to hold the kingdom together while Merlin slowly begins to discover all that becoming a Dragonlord entails.

Comments: canon au, Merlin gets wings, what more could you want? Comments: canon au, Merlin ran away a long time ago and Arthur misses him. Gwen and Lancelot have an arrangement with Arthur because true love. Both Gwen and Arthur are infertile. Comments: canon era, Arthur is hurt during a tournament but Merlin uses his magic to take most of the damage. The Seduction Predicament Rating: Explicit Words: 13, Summary: It might be difficult to seduce someone when you want to climb their boyfriend like a tree.

Merlin learns this the hard way when Uther mistakes him for someone who knows how to seduce anyone at all. Among other things.

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La Petite Mort Rating: Teen Words: 1, Summary: They are shooting a vampire show; Arthur is the director and has to show how to bite someone on the neck. Read the sequel too, right here. If you succeed, no-one will leave here alive.

Magic reveal, powerful! Finding Home Rating: NC Words: 7, Summary: When Gaius retires, a new physician takes over, one that quickly kicks Merlin out of his room and takes it for himself, Arthur finds Merlin sleeping in the stables. Magic reveal.

Merthur Masterlist

Comments: canon divergent, This is just- dang. Arthur just kills me in this one because you can tell that he honestly thought Merlin would never want him. The rest is pure porn and happiness. Minding Rating: Explicit Words: 2, Summary: Arthur has his reasons for being so angry when Merlin visits the tavern.

Comments: canon era, Merlin is a little shit and gets what he wants because jealous Arthur is easily manipulated.Account name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. The date in bold denotes newly added fics.

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Last updated May 1, Arthur is forced to watch Merlin's difficult journey to find and rescue him through scrying; through this, Merlin's magic is revealed. Kidnapper tries to use this information against Arthur.

This fic has interesting use of timelines and possible futures. Arthur's struggles are well done. A very interesting read. Was Arthur all right? Had Merlin just allowed, through his ineptitude, his prince and his destiny to be killed? An absolute emotional rollercoaster. It's just perfect for lovers of emo, my heart tore into a thousand pieces in this fic.

merlin fanfic possessive arthur

But a great ride and a great read. One of two things happen.

merlin fanfic possessive arthur

And the writer in me loves that the author took one simple trope and told two versions of this story. Funny thing? A bazillion fics later — I still cannot get enough of this trope. The reality, however, isn't so great: the priestess is a killer, the prince is a prat, and the dragon sure does have some curious ideas about them.

But Gaius is saying it's Merlin responsibility -- destiny, even -- to help Arthur win back his kingdom, and to evade all the forces amassing against him on the way. This would, of course, be a whole lot easier if he could stand to be in the same village as Arthur for enough time for them to stop arguing.

This fic basically takes Season 1 and retells it under the premise of Nimueh shows up at the castle and kills Uther, while Arthur 'escapes' with a few men, Morgana and Gaius.

merlin fanfic possessive arthur

They head to Ealdor to find Gaius's friend Hunith and with the help of Merlin and the towns folk try to find a way to recapture Camelot. Very interesting AU and true to the basic concepts and characterizations of season 1. Nothing served as adequate distraction because your mind was constantly concerned with the problem of freezing to death—or rather, not freezing to death.

When he accidentally stumbles across a private moment between Merlin and Will, Arthur settles back to watch.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The 'yes homo' we all deserved.

merlin fanfic possessive arthur

A collection of one-shots righting the heterosexual wrongs of canon. A curse hits the lower region of Camelot, and unfortunately, Merlin happened to be in the firing range. Now, with Uther leading the charge against a mystery sorcerer, can Merlin keep Arthur safe?

While on a routine patrol, Prince Arthur and Merlin run into a lost stranger. They dutifully decide to help him out. What could go wrong? He's seen it all before: Britain has declared war on Germany but only it's He returns to Avalon expecting that Arthur will return, he doesn't. Pissed off, Merlin joins the British Army as a medic to help his nation. Merlin will endure gruelling military training, harrowing battles, deaths of those close to him and even torture.

But with this new lease of life, he also experiences friendship both new and from the past, well kind of. And even romance? It was like a dance, where they were in the same grouping but not true partners.

They orbited each other in a close circle. A knuckle running along the curve of her skirt. A fan running against his thigh. One hand brushing against another. They would come together only for their breath to mingle and then diverge as the dance took them in opposite directions. But in those seconds where they faced one another. It was an eclipse. The world was their own, both hidden for a moment in time that was theirs. Just theirs. Merlin finds a familiar, and grows close with it, finding that he can trust it completely.

Arthur grows jealous of that trust. Eventually, he finds out what his manservant has been hiding for so long, and why the stranger that seemed to come out of thin air is so close to Merlin.

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